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Our Ale

We are proud to be the only wood-fired brewery in Pennsylvania, meaning we use no electricity or gas to boil the wort during the brewing process. Our real ales are all based on traditional and historic recipes just like back in the day when ale houses offered good, plain beer to be drunk in plenty. Yes, this means no IPA’s or Sour beers. Furthermore, all of our real ale is cask conditioned and served out of antique hand pumps pulling straight from the casks. To learn more about cask-conditioning and real ales, follow this link! –

Our Farmhouse Cider

Our Farmhouse Cider is a very traditional cider, made using techniques our forefathers would have used on their farms. First, we get fresh pressed juice from our neighbors, Weavers Orchard, which is pressed straight into our Sherry Casks from Spain. The juice then undergoes a wild fermentation, meaning that the yeast from the skin of the apples digests the sugars from the juice into alcohol. Fermentation lasts approximately 1 month, after which we transfer into our aging barrels and age for a minimum of 6 months, or as long as possible. We then tap and serve directly from the barrel. This cider is 100% natural, nothing added and nothing is taken away in the whole process. This is as pure of an alcohol as you can get, and is good for you too! Tasting notes of oak, vanilla, apple, and honey come through.

Image of Stampede Barbecue Farmhouse Cider
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Image of Ale House at Stampede Barbecue
Image of Ale House at Stampede Barbecue
Image of Ale House at Stampede Barbecue