About Us

Image of Stampede Barbecue food

With all of the demands of running a family owned business, we always keep one thought front and center… the smoked meat is what brings you to us. Smoked meat is what we do, everything else falls in place around that. We combine our Lancaster County work-ethic with the experiences we’ve had exploring the south, sampling barbecue from the world’s best. This platform presents us with the unique opportunity to bring an authentic southern barbecue to you, right here in the northeast! Whether you are new to barbecue, or are even a seasoned barbecue junkie from the south looking for a “fix”, we’ve got you covered.

After serving food in charitable and community events for a decade, in 2012 we turned this passion into our full time work and bought out a successful barbecue business.

Image of Stampede Barbecue building.
Image of Stampede Barbecue dinning room
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Image of Stampede Barbecue dining room