About Us

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Stampede Barbecue began with one humble desire: to share great food – and in particular, great Texas Barbecue, in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Inspired by our love for cooking and our travels throughout the south and Midwest, we took ahold of an opportunity when we bought a small barbecue and catering business in 2012. After about one year of honing our craft, selling at various venues, and searching for a place to hang our hats, we found a small stone lot on route 23 to park our smoker and trailers on. From 2013 to 2017 we operated as a seasonal road-side barbecue stand overlooking the gorgeous hills of Lancaster County, PA.

With each passing season we grew a little more, and before we knew it, it was 2018. After much time, dedication, trials, and successes, we secured a permanent location we had been eyeing for a restaurant, and renovations began! Since then, we have continued to blossom into what we are today: a destination and gathering place for friends, families, co-workers, and local heroes to enjoy each other’s company and indulge in great food and drinks.


In 2022, we expanded our operation to include the only wood-fired brewery in PA, where we craft our very own fine ales and wild-fermented cider. You can read all about our wood-fired brewery right here!

Our aim is simple, and that is to provide our communities with the best barbecue experience in the region. Our careful selection and preparation of premium meats, robust seasonings, and homemade sides and sauces are a testament to our commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, celebrating milestones, or simply craving the best barbecue around, we want to provide a place where people can come together to savor the essence of Texas Barbecue and American tradition!

As we have grown into the establishment we are today – and continue to grow – we want to remain true to these simple yet vital principles: our love for sharing great food, our love for American tradition, and our deep appreciation for the generations who formed the foundations of our country. Because of them, we can do the things we love and serve the many wonderful people that we serve. Come visit us soon!

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Image of Stampede Barbecue dining room